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Links for Parents

Links for Parents

Resources for Women, Teens, and Children

This website provides resources for abused women, teens, and children in nine languages (English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, and Punjabi). It also provides resources to locate a shelter and to make a safety plan. There are interactive games to help children express their feelings and age-appropriate information on safety.

Research and Education on Violence against Women and Children

Centre for Research: Education on Violence against Women and Children
Based out of London, Ontario, the Centre for Research and Education on Violence against Women produces useful information and tools to assist families affected by violence.

Domestic Violence and the Justice System

Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System
This is a non-profit social service agency helping children and families involved with the justice system. It has resources for both the parents and children involved in domestic violence particularly related to victims of crime, witnesses of crime, custody disputes, and child protection proceedings. This is one of the resources for helping children exposed to domestic violence: Little Eyes, Little Ears: how violence against a mother shapes children as they grow

Resources to Support Children’s Healthy Development

Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development
Written by international experts in child development, this website provides information about topics related to healthy child development for children from birth to age 5. It gives parents suggestions on how to help their child in difficult situations such as exposure to domestic violence. A resource: Domestic Violence and Its Impact on the Social and Emotional Development of Young Children

Invest in Kids
This website helps parents become aware of the importance of their child’s first 5 years of life. It has tips on healthy conflict resolution, positive parenting, and answers questions about children’s healthy development.

Canadian Mental Health Association :Children and Self-Esteem
This information published by the Canadian Mental Health Association offers advice on how to promote positive self-esteem in children.

Covering Your Tracks

Assaulted Women's Helpline
Government of Albert: Cover your Tracks
These websites, the Assaulted Women’s Helpline in Ontario and the Government of Alberta, show victims of abuse how to delete websites so that their abuser won’t know they visited certain websites that help victims of abuse.